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If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

- Sun tzu
Thanks For Visiting The Site Of Euphoria.

 Euphoria is Brand New.
 Filled with few people that Enjoy being with one another and having fun on the game.
 Yea the gear and raiding is nice.  But so is hanging back and having fun. 
 We do what needs done, When it needs done.
        Euphoria is Only a family guild... For our close and personal family.
        We appreicate you taking the time to look at our site.
        But unfortunatly we are Not recruiting at any time.

So what do the members of Euphoria do?

  1. Contested Mobs
  2. Quests (Including HQs and Writs)
  3. Tradeskills
  4. Events such as Moonlight Enchantments and Holiday Events
  5. Legends of Norrath
  6. Instances

Why don't we raid??

We are not new players .. I mean C'mon?!
We are 5yr vets that just wanna relax for once. . .
No hard core guild to say what needs done when or how. .
Yea we've raided. . . Yea we've obeyed rules from strict guilds. .
Raid after raid 'till everything was complete. . .

*Now it's time to sit back and relax :)

Oh we may not have a lot of people. . But i promise the people we have are very skilled.

Thank You For Your Time.

Congrats On Level 10 Euphoria!! <3
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